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    Which Browser do you like? Pro's and Cons?
    I dislike the one that came with the 650, and am looking to change. What do you think?
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    Since I don't do much surfing from the Treo...just occassional lookups, Blazer is fine for what I need. Plus I don't bog down the limited RAM in the 650 with other browsers.
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    only choices you have are Opera Mini, Xiino, Minuet Browser and maybe Webpro.

    I'm currently beta testing Universe Browser which Im hoping will beat them all when complete it has tabbed browsing and more....
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    Do all of 'em have a 2MB file download limit? I recently discovered -- mobile front end for Google Video -- but most files there are larger than Blazer's limit, so haven't had a chance to really try it.

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