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    I have a treo 700p (sprint) that keeps rebooting every time i plug in the USB connector.

    I had this happen on my original Treo 700 and so brought it in and had it exchanged out for a recon, but its doing the EXACT same thing. (the phone was a 14 day return to sprint due to billing, so its not a bad model). I've done hard resets, and even refreshed the phone still reboots. its not my cable, cause i have 3 different ones and each one causes the reset. It is really frustrating to have this happen.

    Fortunately i have a USB dongle to hotsync through, but now i cannot perform any wired hotsyncs nor use my phone as a SD card reader.

    Anyone have any clues on the causes?
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    Hi Vector!

    Did you have a prior Palm OS device? If you did -- did you just sync to your prior userid to move to the 700P -- or did you do a clean install?

    Software conflicts can develop from a direct userid load and software conflicts can also occur on their own. I would recommend a clean install:

    Do a last hot sync to back up and then follow these clean install instructions:

    1. Install the Treo 700P Desktop from it's CD if you haven't -- it put's 700 conduits into place.

    2. Hard Reset your 700P, creating a "just out of the box" 700P (unless it is just out of box)

    3. Rename your backup folder on your PC to backupold (Programs>Palm>userid>backup to backupold) ...Hopefully that's the path that Handspring used, but you get the idea. (The backup folder houses the 3rd party software you have installed in case a back up from a hard reset is necessary -- renaming the folder takes it out of the loop.)

    4. Before you proceed, right click the Hotsync Manager icon in the program tray, choose Custom and check the action of your PIM conduits (Calendar, Tasks, Memos, Contacts); if any are set to "Handheld overwrites desktop", change them to either Synchronize or DT overwrites HH - otherwise, you will delete all the PIM data on the desktop.

    5. Hot Sync to your userid.

    You should have a clean Treo 700P with only your PIM data brought back.
    (PIM = Calendar, Contacts, Memos and Tasks.)

    Has the problem been resolved? If not -- I suspect a hardware problem -- 2 in a row for you apparently.

    Now install your desired 3rd party software fresh onto the 700P -- NOT from a backup! (Also, get the newest version, while you are at it.) When you Hot Sync again, a new backup folder is created, with the freshly installed 3rd party software backed up the way the 700P likes it.)

    You should be good to go.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Have you been installing an old version of Card Export II on your Treos? There are a couple threads on this issue, such as this one. Uninstall it or overwrite with a newer version and it should fix it. If not, a hard reset may be required, after which you can try installing the newest version to see if it will work.

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