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    I have given up my Treo! Well I really just set it aside until they get the updates. I had good luck with the phone working well after a clean install and then one day it just hit me and I starting freezing several times a day and nothing could stop or even decrease it. I was very happy with the 700p but now I am too frustrated. I am using the new LG 8600 and so far love the phone. I do miss the full contacts and the calendar! I may be back once (if) the update ever comes through. Bluetooth works much better and bluetooth music is wonderful!
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    Just a guess, do you ever do a soft reset (press button on back)? Palm tech person suggested doing it every day or two.
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    Quote Originally Posted by haroldo View Post
    Palm tech person suggested doing it every day or two.
    Great fix PALM!
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    Thank You,
    Chris Luce
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    Quote Originally Posted by scrote View Post
    Great fix PALM!
    No, you got me wrong...they just suggested performaing a reboot every day or two as part of the normal maintenance and usage.
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    Yes I was doing a hard reset and a soft reset at least one each a day.
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    how about the 700wx. its like the 700p, but with less cheese.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shepherd View Post
    Yes I was doing a hard reset and a soft reset at least one each a day.
    Hi Shepherd!

    My daugher has the 700P, so I am not totally up on the need for a firmware update -- but I suspect that if after a clean install with the 700P everything was "fine" until one day -- that a 3rd party software corruption has occurred and is causing your problem. Did you try a clean install again? It might cure the problem. Over the past 2 years I have worked with several 650 users here on TC -- that cured their reset "nightmare" by doing a clean install.

    My 650 has been solid and, so far, so is my daughter's 700P.

    Good Luck!!

    Cheers, Perry.
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    I did try to do a clean install again. I never added anything more than contacts or calendar events or pictures taken on the phone since the original clean install.
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    Hi Sheperd!

    Just to be certain -- your clean install invoved the renaming of the backup folder, correct?

    If so, how much "free" memory is left on the device? If it is under 5mb -- I suspect your pictures are stored in memory and not on an a SD card. Move your pictures to an SD card -- and see if the freezing stops -- with a little more breathing room on the device.

    Do you browse the web alot? I know the 650 had "cache" issues where you had to set the web cache to be cleared on exit -- or you would run into freezing and memory problems.

    Just some random thoughts . . . . .

    Cheers, Perry.
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    I must have a magic Treo with Palm's suggested solution built in. Mine does soft resets at random a couple times a day already. I'm so lucky!
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    I appreciate your help, I tried both renaming the back up folder and using a new profile. Neither worked. I have about 40 MB of memory on my phone and a 2gb card where all my pictures default to. I did not use the web or email and even deleted Vmail off the phone.
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    Does it reset and freeze in a total just out of the box state?

    There are only two possibilities in my mind:

    1. It's a bad unit, or

    2. You have a corrupted data base or software conflict.

    Not sure which, but something other than needing a firmware update is a foot here.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Isnt there a program that you can schedule a reset every day?
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    Quote Originally Posted by aznmode View Post
    Isnt there a program that you can schedule a reset every day?
    If you use Resco Backup you can have it do a scheduled backup every night (for example) and have it automatically perform a (soft) reset when it finishes the backup, FYI.
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    I too gave up on the 700p. Believe me, I tried everything imaginable to get it to work. Since mine is a Verizon unit, the only way I could keep the lag off of the phone was to not install Versamail, not send or receive any TXT or MMS messages, and not to install any apps or updates in the RAM (updated DTG, PTunes updates etc). Needless to say that is unacceptable to me. Since I am stuck on Verizon due to a company plan, I cut the 700p down to data-only and use it as a glorified wireless-anywhere PDA with no voice plan or text messaging plan. I still have my TX and am trying to figure out what I am going to do with it.

    I then gave the Moto V3m a shot before returning it and choosing the KRZR K1m over the VX8600. I'm quite pleased with it and the K1m can do BT OBEX with my Palm devices and the TX can dial contacts with it over BT. Basically everthing is doable over BT with the k1m except for A2DP and CDMA BT DUN (the biggie).

    If I could even do 1x BT CDMA DUN with my TX I'd sell the 700p in a heartbeat. The 700p's battery life (when used as a phone) and voice quality/reception were just atrocious. The poor BT functionality was the nail in its coffin.

    In fact, I just bought a 2nd TX to use as a "just in case" backup unit .

    P.S. For the record, what I loved about the 700p over the TX is the keyboard (I detest Graffiti 2), the bright screen (but I like a dim 320*480 screen more than a bright 320*320 one), the voice recorder/vibrating alarm/charge LED, and the removable battery (but only if a Seidio 2400mAh replaces the OEM one).

    Unfortunately the above items aren't enough to beat out the winning combination of the TX's big screen, wi-fi, 128mb RAM, and more comfortable stylus.
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    I use BackupMan to do daily backups and it is capable of rebooting the Treo after a scheduled backup. I quit using the auto-reset feature, though, because one morning my Treo failed to sign on to the network after a reset and I missed some emergency calls. All of the other times, AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $it$ $reset$ $and$ $logged$ $back$ $onto$ $the$ $network$ $after$ $the$ $reset$.

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