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    I started with a Motorola HS850 I bought from my Verizon store. It had an echo and was really noisy. Conversations would drop out and it was not very comfortable to wear. I did like the folding boom that turned it off.

    Back it went in favor of a Plantronics 645. Still noisy, but less so. I lost two conversations, but I think it might be because I hadn't recharged the battery the night before. Not enough power perhaps? Don't know. Somehow I get the feeling that I should have gone with my original thought and just ordered the 655.

    In my continuing search for a headset that is acceptable I ordered a Plantronics 655 and a Sony WEP2000 at the same time. Cuts down on waiting time, and I'm a technophile anyway; I probably would have ended up with at least three of the above at some point. Hopefully one of these will be acceptable, the other will be a backup or ebayed (I don't want to push sending things back to Amazon too much).

    So, any hints what to order with the JX-10?
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    Add a Plantronics Voyager 510 for kicks. Which Treo are you using?
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    Yeah, I may as well so if I can cover most of the Plantronics line.

    I'm using a 700p with Verizon.
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    oh.. hmm, I heard the 510 doesn't work well on 700p's... maybe a Nokia BH-900 instead?

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