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    Hi there,

    I've a question about the memory usage of the 650. A regular 650 has 32M of memory for apps and user files, and I need the Chinese model and it got about 21M user memory only. I want to use Opera so I''ve to install Java, I read somewhere the Java system needs 8M buffer, so after that I will only have may be less than 10M, and I need to keep the minimum to no less than 5-8M to prevent frequent locks up and reboot, so I don't have much left for my personal files, and some apps has to install on.main memory instead of SD, am I right about that?
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    I don't know how much Opera memory utilization is but I do have Java installed on my 650 and I do have other applications installed so my available memory is about 5M but I don't have lock up or reboot problems.

    You could move some of your apps to an SD card, specially the once not requiring background use.
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    A third party application such as ZLauncher will increase your available memory. ZLauncher supports multiple Creator IDs and with that capability, you can move related files into the same ZLauncher application launch folder. Ben

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