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    I'm new to bluetooth, but I think my bluetooth radio is interfering with the Sprint/EVDO radio. If I have bluetooth turned on on the phone, the treo hangs on the sprint splash screen instead of successfully connecting to Power Vision.

    Does the above mean my phone is defective, or am I just not doing something right? For reference: I've had a few other problems which I'll mention in case they are pertinent or to prevent you from suggesting things I've already tried. 1) I've run into the problem with the headset not transferring the audio after I press the send button when dialing a call. This seems to be the problem that is fixed by a soft-reset. 2) In TakePhONE, some of my contact buttons seem to prefer changing the call over to the speakerphone. If I happen to be on bluetooth before this, it terminates the bluetooth. (Not sure if the same thing happens in the "phone" application or not. I guess that's my next debugging step on this problem.) Regarding which headsets I've used: I started with a Motorola HS-850 and then bought a Treo-650 Bluetooth Headset from Amazon. They both seemed to behave the same, and I think the bluetooth conversation issues are unrelated to the bluetooth/EVDO radio interference issue.

    Does anyone have any experience or debugging advice for these issues?


    EDIT #1: I did a hard reset and without apps (except for Pref/ResetDictor and MemoryInfo) installed, the treo no longer hangs upon reboot after reset when the bluetooth is on. (I'll install aps from scratch this time and hopefully I'll either prevent the above problem from happening again or I will determine the cause.)
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