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    I have a new sony SZ360 laptop.
    I can't get my Treo to sync with it.
    It will still sync with my old laptop via bluetooth, but not with 2 different USB cables.
    I need to get the info into my new laptop via bluetooth but I can't figure out how to pair it.
    On the Treo I get the screen to enter a passkey.
    I enter 1234.
    The Sony pops up and says:

    "The device properites was set as the Non-Pairable mode."

    Shouldn't it pop up with a box to enter the code?

    Does anyone know how to pair a bluetooth device with the Sony SZ360? My bluetooth mouse paired fine, and the Treo still owrks just fine with my old laptop.

    Anyone have any ideas?


    (The other question would be, is there an easy way to get the info from Palm desktop on my old computer into Outlook on the new one, and I will deal with syncing when the 750 comes out on cingular.)
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    OK, so I got both of them to take a pin correctly and they see each other. If I try and hotsync, the blurtooth icon on the laptop lights up so it sees the treo.
    But it won't sync. I have local serial enabled. Set it to com 7 per sony and it didn't work. I also created a new serial port ,(com 30) but that doesn't work either.
    If I go into the settings of the blutooth panel, and click "com auto connect settings" nothing shows up.
    Anyone have any advice? I didn't have this many problems getting it to sync via bluetooth on my old dell 1.5 years ago when I set it up...
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    I just got one of these Sony SZ series laptops and had the same issue.
    With my Dell and HP laptops bluetooth went flawlessly. With this Sony, I had issues. Its the only issue in an otherwise great machine.

    The pairing would go fine and contact information and file transfer could go between the laptop and the treo but that was it. I started messing with the COM port settings and got it to work but it was flaky. So, here's what I did:

    To get the hot syncing to work via Bluetooth, I went to the Toshiba support page for Bluetooth (since they made the driver for Sony) and downloaded the latest Bluetooth drivers.

    Here's the link:

    Go to the download area and get the
    PC Bluetooth Stack version 4.20.08

    Hope this helps someone out there.

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