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    hey guys,

    we are testing out goodlink and RIM server to see which one is better for our needs.

    we are a high security company so handheld security is our top priority.

    first question on RIM server (BES) we can wipe the devices and apply policies to restict things can this be done on good out of the box?

    i was reading about good mobile defense is that what i need for the added security and if so is it a extra cost ontop of the goodlink messaging server?

    also we are going to need wither S-MIME or PGP for added security on the handhelds because we are a government supplier and its required, on my RIM device i have S-MIME and it works great im not sure how to get and if i can get S-MIME on the treo 650 or if goodlink server supports it?

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    1) Yes, you can do a remote erase of the device.
    2) GMD is an additional cost and adds additional security features. See for more information
    3) Good Mobile Messaging does not currently support S-MIME, though it is currently in development, scheduled for release next year.
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    thanks goodguy for the info.

    so is the GMD like the IT policy's on the BES? because this is free and it comes with the BES.

    so lets just say i get the Good messaging and i dont get the GMD i wont be able to set policys and restrict certain functions that the handheld can perform?

    thanks for the help.
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    You can set policies without GMD, but not to the extent as you would with. My gut tells me you would want the additional features of GMD such as remote erase of SD cards, encyption of data on SD cards, etc. W/out GMD, you can't restrict functions on the device. You can with BES because RIMM controls the device, the application and the OS. Whereas with Good, it is device and OS agnostic.
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    ok great im going to download the GMD trial adn see how it works, and present it to my boss's, they will ask me what i think and would want my recommendation, we surrently have 500-600 treos and some symbian deviecs and about 100 blackberrys so we might keep both but they told me to make a decision on one over the other.

    i dont wanna lose my nokia so what ammo do i have with GOOD because RIMM is pushing hard and they are even sending a sales and tech rep. for a BES presentation
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    i wish someone wouldve helped me, RIMM came in today and they presented and my boss'a ate it up, they ordered 400 devices from RIMM and noone can have a wireless device unless its a blackberry. they took away all the company owned treos and nokia's. but to be honest the way RIMM presented was great, they worked the "one platform" deal, they asked my boss if he called GOOD and the issue ended up to be a deviec issue would GOOD help him, so my boss said "yes" of course and the guy at RIMM said nope they would tell you to call the manufactuer. they also dropped a treo from about waste high and it busted into 2 pieces , then they dropped a blackberry and it didnt even scratch, right there my boss actually told them to stop and he wants the BES.

    to anyone who ever used a BES long term , is it a good platform?

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    Have your boss open an attachment with a BB and then with a Treo. Give your boss a Treo with Good an have him put it side-by-side comparing the interface between the devices. Hand him an SD card an ask him to put it in the Blackberry. Ask him how much he is going to pay you and your IT staff to bring those 400 BB devices in from the field to update the client or how much it will cost to deploy the desktop software to all 400 users.

    Also, how many times do you think that rep has dropped that Treo?
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