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    Has anyone gotten a stereo headset other than the standerd one to work on a 700p? I don't know if it is just my phone or what but I can't get any stereo headsets to work other than the one that came with my phone. When I try the aftermarket ones sound only comes out of one earpiece and the mic doesn't work.
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    This is a long story but only SOME headsets will work with your Treo. When you plug a headset into the jack the Treo checks the impedance levels btween the left and right channels if it's too low then the Treo assumes that you have a standard cell phone headset with a microphone. It devotes one channel to speaker and one channel to mic. There are 2 ways to combat this one is to buy a replacement from Palm or Sedio, the other is to buy a special jack from Sedio that provides the right level of impedance. I believe that the jack only provides connectivity for 3.5mm jacks (like the ones that come with an I-pod) not the 2.5mm ones that come with phones. There's not much documentation on this issue but if you google "impedance 700P" you'll find a few references to this issue.
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