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    What's the latest with insurance replacements on the Treo 600 via Sprint stores? Are they still replacing 600s with referbed 600s? Or are they replacing them with 650s?

    I read on the 650 discussion forum that they are offering 650 insurance users an upgrade to a 700p if the user is willing to pay a higher monthly fee. Is the same true of the 600 users?

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    Nope, here in Los Angeles Sprint still has 600's in their wherehouse(mid west somewhere) ready to ship...
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    just had mine replaced last week.....brand new 600
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    Palm is not even selling the 650 on it's site anymore. Wait long enough and you'll get a 700p
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    I just went to the sprint store in Maimi, FL as my SD card slot was no longer working. They did not even give me an option for any kind of upgrade that other people have gotten. They just told me they would be sending me a new Treo 650. Kinda bumed because I wanted a 700P, but oh well. At least I get a new 650.
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    Just called Lockline to replace my T600 and they still have T600s in stock
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    I had no problem getting upgraded to a 650 Even though a 700 woulda been better , My phone wouldn't stop ringing when someone called me so I told sprint and they asked if I would like a 650 I said hell yeah and Now I have one , BEst part of it , is that I dident even have to pay a deduction ha .
    I guess it just depends on the issues that you are having
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    it's frustrating to get the same 600 over and over again.
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    Still getting T600 as replacement. No 650 or 700. Very disappointed.
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    Try calling any Sprint/Nextel repair center/dealer in your local area. The info is on Sprints website. My wifes A900 had seen its last day and I called around to see which center had A900 for replacement...I walked in and they swapped it out free of charge. You really feel how important it is to have the insurance in those times.
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    There are two different replacement policies.

    Defective phone is replaced by Sprint at no cost.
    Lost or mistreated phone is replaced by Lockline with a nominal fee ($35??)

    In San Diego Sprint is replacing defective 600s with 650s or better. (I had 2 600s replaced with 650s a year ago).

    Sprints replacement policy on defective phones is fantastic.

    So far I have had
    600 -> 600 due to poor network
    600 -> 600 due to bad keyboard
    600 -> 650 due to bad pixels
    600 -> 650 due to inability to start
    650 -> 650 due to a broken antenna
    PPC6700 -> 700wx due to bluetooth failure

    All with no cost to me.

    Of course all those Treo replacements....
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    Quote Originally Posted by dgoodisi View Post
    There are two different replacement policies.

    Defective phone is replaced by Sprint at no cost.
    Lost or mistreated phone is replaced by Lockline with a nominal fee ($35??)

    . all you have to do is call Lockline and say "I lost my phone." and they'll replace it?
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    Yes, it's a $50 deductable, and you can only do it 3 times, or something like that. But is it really worth it if they're replacing 600 with 600's? I took my 600 in b/c of the battery issue, and they replaced the battery and the speakerphone part, too. No new replacement, though. At least it was hassle-free. Now I'm just waiting till they run out of 600's.
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    I just got an insurance replacement last week. They told me on the phone that they just got "a bunch of new 600's" and would be replacing like for like for "quite some time".......

    Needless to say I was pretty stoked when my new 700p showed up 4 days later.
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    Ok, took my lame 600 back to, with a FULL battery charge, the thing drops's so bad, that I stood there in the Sprint store, and showed them how it drops calls. Needless to say, they're replacing it...we'll see what shows up in 4 days or so.
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    ... the screen broke somewhere at the State Fair. It was a 3 1/2 year old reliable Handspring logoed Rev C that was just starting to develop battery woes. I took it in to the local Sprint store that night. The first guy that I talked to said that I would be getting a refurb 600 under the insurance and that they would have to order one, PERIOD! I waited about an hour for the service techs to finally pronounce it officially unrepairable.

    Meanwhile, the first guy had gone home and a much friendlier rep took over. He told me that "this is your lucky day" and brought out a shiny new 755P, no charge (other than the insurance I've been paying for since I got my 600 ), no contract (2yr expired a long time ago) . I have read on this forum that this can happen but I never really believed it.

    Anybody need a slightly scuffed Treo 600 two-tone Dark Blue/Black Vaja iVolution case, a working car charger, travel charger, original software disk, owner's manual, slip case, etc.?

    Good luck folks!
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    Congrats! Soooooo jealous!
    I've been calling, and it's always "It should be in tomorrow..." Well, we'll see what happens tomorrow. Hopefully that doesn't mean that I get the refurb...sigh.
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    Called equipment replacement service on Sunday to have my treo 600 replaced. Said I would be getting a 755p. Paid the extra $15 for rush shipping and I have it now.
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    WooHoo! Typing this from my (refurb) new 700p!! I couldn't tell the diff. until I checked the Treo for version X, etc, and it did list this as a refurb. Only bummer is that I have to pay $5 more/mo for evdo/power vision....oh well...still happy...I can take video with this thing!

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