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    I have a remote user with a Verson Treo 700p who is booting to the white screen of death.

    We have tried soft and system resets with no luck.

    We don't want to do a hard reset unless we really have to since, although his data is backed up here at the office, he's going to be out a few more days and needs the data on his Treo.

    Is there anything else we can try apart from a hard reset?

    FWIW, this started after I emailed him a copy of Mergic VPN for installation. After installing Mergic VPN he lost all means of getting to the phone pad, and using the web. We tried removing the MergicVPN drdvr file, and the Mergic VPN file, then this white screen of death started.

    Thanks for any advice - I'm suporting this remotely so it's kind of tricky.

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    Warm (or System) Reset?,case=obj(887)

    (Since it seems to be related to the installed software -- I doubt if removing the battery for 2 hours would do anything -- but this has rescued a prior device from an evil software hiccup.)
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    Thanks for the suggestion, but as mentioned in the op we have tried soft and system resets.

    PS. is it just me or have Palm not upated their 'reset' support page to reflect the 700's startup screen. This makes it particularly difficult when doing remote support.
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    How did you try to remove MergicVPN. Did you use an uninstaller or did you just use FileZ and deleted the files?
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    We deleted Mergic VPN by going Home > App Menu > Delete...


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    Hi Fishtech!

    You are no doubt on this path already, but some back up software and a SD card may limit the pain on the next go around.

    Hope that you found a fix.

    Cheers, Perry.

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