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    Hi everybody

    My company finally got an Exchange 2003 Mail Server so now I'm trying to configure Versamail, but it's not connecting.

    I can access the email through Blazer by going to url and entering my username and password.

    However, I haven't been able to get it working through Versamail.

    I have succesfully configured other email accounts through Versamail, like my Gmail account and a couple other POP 3s, but this is my first time working with Exchange. Here are my settings:

    Right now it is not working for me. Let me tell you my setup and perhaps you can make some suggestions:

    I’ve selected “Exchange ActiveSync” as the mail service
    Username: first.last
    Password: same as my windows login
    Mail Server:
    Incoming server Port Number 443 – Use SSL = YES
    Proxy Server – Port Number 80 - Proxy Authentication = NO

    This is the detail of the error:

    AirSAMStateMachine.c 435 4626

    Any advice is much appreciated! Couldn't find what I was looking for by searching previous threads...I already tried the suggestion of rebooting the phone
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