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    Well I will wait and see what the reception is like and then I guess just decide if I should get it now or wait and see.
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    Well It has been 2 weeks since I took the plunge and went back to the Verizon 700P, and so far nothing!!! No resets, no lost or dropped calls, no SMS issues, no lag!! It has been stable (knock on wood). so with my 2 weeks experience I am wondering how many issues are carrier specific? The only things that I can not chalk up to carrier is the no reset issues and the no lag since those would seem to be non carrier dependant. and yes the bluetooth still has a lot to be desired but with the addition of the Samsung Wep 200 headset I can honestly say that I am extremely happy with my 700P at this time.
    thanks for everyones input, I will let you know if things change!!
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    No resets? You're simply not trying hard enough.

    Seriously, I've had a bit of trouble with the wep200 and my 700p, I've had to do a few resets. And Blazer has locked up a couple of times, but no system is perfect. The 700 could certainly use some work (from my admittedly limited perspective) but I still wouldn't want to go without it.
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