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    When I installed it (thanks to those in all the prior threads!), a screen comes up called:

    "User Permission Check"

    "can opera mini use airtime to send or receice via an http connection until opera mini terminates?

    choices are only 1- No: opera wont work
    2-Yes: opera works

    This may seem a simple question, but after searching, I cant find the answer. I assume this just asks can it use my data part of Sprint. I dont want it using my actual doesn;t, does it?

    BTW - sprint acted clueless when I asked, I didnt know if this was a way to force non-blazer browsers to use minutes. In the past, on a 600p I tried xiino and never got that question.
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    Data, not minutes. You'll see that message with any java app on the treo
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    Quote Originally Posted by scottymomo View Post
    You'll see that message with any java app on the treo
    But you don't have to Just hotsync the j9secpol.prc from here and you'll never see that message again.
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