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    Quote Originally Posted by seidioseidio View Post
    The Treo 700 crystal case/rubberized case manual

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    I just registered here to throw in my experience. I just got a crystal case and it had no instructions at all and I can not get it to stay on the treo at all.

    What a waste of money.
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    Well mine came in the mail last night. I will admit it was a bit of a pain to get it to snap together, but once I got it all set up, it is great. Now I just need to order the battery cover that has the hole already in it for the reset button or find someone skilled enough to put a hole in my existing cover with out breaking it. I dread taking the crystal case off to do a reset and then fighting with it to get it back on.

    I will say that other then that problem, I think the case is great. It makes it so I feel more secure carrying the phone in my pocket.
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    holy cow, the new version of the crystal case is GREAT!

    i just got my replacement case today, snapped it on with no problem and typed an email to myself to test it. all of the complaints i had (as well as everyone else) were all but eliminated with this very well designed case. that is awesome that seidio took custome complaints seriously enough to change it.

    my turnaround time took around 2 weeks, so i'm pretty satisfied. 1 week would've been ideal, but hey, id rather wait an extra week for perfection than a mediocre product.

    if you've been nervous about ordering this case, don't be.

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    Anyone broke an attachment clip yet? Seems like the BLACK CASE is prone to breaks?
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    Just got my version 2 case today, and replaced my version 1. WOW. Huge improvement in usability, and I HOPE durability. The clips soon broke on version 1 and I resorted to clear packing tape, which worked great to keep it together and be minimally noticeable. The new clip design seems far studier, I agree with earlier posts. The case is thinner, and has great access to the keyboard, a huge improvement. Hopefully, I won't have to take it off anytime soon. Big improvement Seidio.
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