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    What are the beeps that come thru the 730 earpiece periodically? I thought that there was a problem so I brought it back and this one does the same thing beeping every few minutes even after full charge. I am using verizon 700p.
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    If you watch your phone just after hearing the beep, it probably will wake up. Mine does at times anyway. When you hear the beep, press the center unlock button and the headest icon will brobably show up. It's like the headset at times will go into search or re-pair to maintain the connection with the 700p. I hope this helps. My 730 is still going strong. I did turn the headset off last night to charge it and this morning I had to do the soft reset procedure to get it to re-pair. Has been paired ever since.
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    Boxster, thanks for letting us know about this hidden gem. I've been so frustrated with my Plantronics 645. The 730 meets or exceeds the 645's voice quality and I don't feel imprisioned anymore by the 645's extremely poor range.

    FYI, It's now $60 at Best Buy.
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    I bought the Jabra JX10 about 6 weeks ago and couldn't be happier. It is the only bluetooth device I have owned, and I purchased it as the result of long searching on this forum. Never had a complaint from the other end, though I don't use it in noisy environments. I can move up to at least 15 feet from the phone without loosing my connection. It even works if I use the JX10 in my right ear and carry the phone on my left side. I rarely unpairs with the 700P- not enought that it has been a problem. My results have been as good as I had hoped, and much better than I had feared, based on what I have read regarding other units.
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    Maybe someone can help me out-- I just yesterday upgraded my tired old 650 to a shiny new 700p. I went through 2 bt headsets on the 650. One of them (I lost it and dont remember the make)-- we'll call it the good headset-- operated the way I wanted it to-- I would connect the call by tapping the headset button, and it would pick up the call reasonably quickly. #2-- the Evil Treo-branded one-- would automatically pick up the call no matter what, without me intervening and tapping the call button on the headset. I realize some might prefer the evil headsets method, but it was a problem for me. Can anyone recommend a good headset that functions the way I want it to?
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    I have a 700P and am a heavy user, I use about 6,000 minutes/mo. and quite a few emails. as a result, I have given up on BT as it is a further batery drain to keep it on all day. I would love to be able to use BT, I currently use a very capable wired MX-150 from TreoCentral which looks like a Jabra, probably is OEM'd from them. The 730 sounds great but I worry it will just help fill up the drawer with yet another disappointment. I have a couple of batteries and I guess I could swap out the 2400's but it is just one more thingy to have to carry and fiddle with which is the very reason I am a Treo user to begin with, convergence. I know CDMA uses more power somehow but there isn't anthing I can do about that other than the usual power saving stuff. Has anyone had the Treo run down like my previous experiences. I couldn't make it any longer than 4 or so hours on my last attempts with BT. I can go all day on a charge with it off and there is no way to turn it on on demand that I know of.
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    So what is everybody's long term opinion of the LG HBM-730?
    Is it still performing like it did when you got it?
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    I'd like to know as well. I'm thinking bout this one or the Plantronics 655.
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    hay boxters2 whats was wrong with the sony hbh-608, i used to have the hbh-660 with the caller id display and i loved it but cant seem to find anything like that, that works with the 700p
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    I'm on my 2nd day with the Plantronics 655 used with Sprint 700p (1st day was just some calls to my answering machine)

    Today I made 4 or 5 calls. Seems to be quite a bit of static - more than what I had expected. (Used an HS850 with a Razr, no problem).

    I found that if I lowered the volume, it seemed to help a bit. Jury is still out. Treo in my right pants pocket, 655 in right ear. Jury is still out. Not sure if I'm going to keep it. May just hold out and see if Palm improves the BT situation anytime soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fwinst View Post
    I have the JX-10. My only problem (and I've had this problem with all the BT headsets I've tried w/700p) is that if I'm trying to talk to someone in a crowded room, or where there is background noise, the person I'm talking to can't hear me properly. Anyone else having that issue??

    I am having that problem - as well as it loses its pairing with the 700P after about an hour of idle time.

    My 700 P does crash 2 or three times a day. I am also a Gppdlink user and am on Sprint.

    I have not yet narrowed the problem. I currently am running the Bluetooth and the 700P installed after a "hard rest" and a renameing of the Back up file so that a new hotsynch does not installl other software.

    I also have a Plantonroics 320 - works like crap
    Sony / Ericson 300 - does not work
    Plantronics Voyager - does not work
    Plantronics 2500 - works like crap

    The JX10 works the best but I have to re boot the phone ofen too.
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    Just wanted to post my 2 cents worth on BT headsets. Had been using a Plantronics 640 with my 700p. It worked fairly well and sound quality was adequate. Sometimes would have the reconnect issue which from these message boards was probably more then 700p then the BT headset. I was having problems with a button on it and went to Plantronics website, submitted a warranty claim (8 months old) and in two days received a brand new unit in the box. While this doesn't mean much to the BT headset use with the 700p, I was most impressed with Plantronics responsiveness. I quite honestly didn't think they would have a new headset to me in such a quick turn around so in the meantime I ordered a Jabra JX10 and a Scala 700 to try out. The Scala 700 arrived first and it connected, sound quality was superb. Very nice features for a $35 headset. After using for a few hours, it lost connection with the 700p and I had to go back through the re-pairing process. Have had intermittent connection issues so I am guessing it won't work with the 700p. It is very frustrating to have the BT headset in your ear, 700p in your pocket and you can't get the call answered because the pairing has failed. I had some connection issues with the 640 but I could usually get it to reconnect after pressing the talk button on the 640 and some delay but that did not work on the Scala 700. I am now onto the Jabra JX10. Definitely one of the most cool, design oriented looking headsets on the market. Very small. Haven't tested the voice quality as of yet but from the reviews, I think it should be adequate. The whole BT is very frustrating with the 700p, I had issues with the BT in my Audi A6. Worked well with the 650, many problems since upgrading to the 700p. Oh well, its hard to live on the bleeding edge of technology.
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    Maybe Palm will have a firmware update soon. Hopefully some people won't have to be going thru a half dozen or so headset units to find one that performs to their satisfaction.

    I'm going to give my 655 a good workout for a few days when I get back in my shop Tuesday. I put my landline on call forwarding 1st thing in the morning and use my 700p all day as my "regular" phone.

    I wish myself luck. <grin>
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    .....AND - what really is frustrating is all these people that have $60 invested in both phone and BT headset - and everything works fine. Oh well.
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    Well I might as well put in my 2 cents on this BT thread since I added my 2 cent on all of the other BT threads out there.

    Since early June I've used the basic Treo BT headset (on T/C for about $49).

    It works great. Doesn't drop calls and no static. And the bonus is it uses the same Treo charger. So now I have an extra charger. All for $49.

    Give it a go.
    Good Luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by TurboTiger View Post
    Give it a go.
    JUST might do that. I know I could always sell my 655 to friend. But I really like the size and no ear hook fit of the 655 ...... but if it doesn't perform - duh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gijohn View Post
    but if it doesn't perform - duh.
    T/C has a 30 day return policy.
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    I know that .... but thanks for the reminder.

    btw ..... beat the doomers
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    Plantronics 655 is going back to the TS tomorrow. Too much static and audio breakup.

    Going to try the WEP200
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    How about this - I'm looking for a cheap BT headset to use when driving to/from the office. I'm hardly a poweruser, just looking for something that works ok for $50 or less. Any thoughts?
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