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    I had tried Mundo and have deleted it. I have Uninstall Manager also. My beef is that even though the program is gone, how do I get rid of their name in the drop down menu?! Please, anyone?! Thanks!
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    delete MUNDO from Edit Categories...
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    Why is this in the 700P hardware forum?
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    Hey, celljunkie, I was going to try mundo to replace verichat. What did you not like about mundo?
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    It keeps disconnecting even though I have it set to stay running and connected when I exit the application. Causerie is a little better at staying connected. And to gapost.....excuse me for making a mistake.
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    i ran into the same problem. is there anything out there thats better than both mundo, verichat, and causerie??
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    Verichat works great for me. Sometimes their servers disapear, but they almost always come back within 10-15m.. Sometimes it gets disconnected, dunno why, but it'll always come back.

    Sometimes if it won't reconnect, I'll Shut down and Exit, and launch it again. Doesn't need that sort of thing very often. Every now and then my wife will SMS me telling me I'm offline and I'll launch it and it connects, dunno what's going on there.

    No crashes or funny business. I'm still using 2.86.

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