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    I know the T650 supposedly doesn't have a gps chip, but when I turn on location privacy in the phone preferences menu, it says "Turning location on will allow the network to detect your position using GPS technology....." Do they mean something like cell phone signal triangulation or is it really gps. If its real gps then I don't understand why garmin mobile wouldn't work. Anyone know anything about that?

    Sprint T650
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    It's tower triangulation...nothing to do with sats.
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    Treos have AGPS, rather than regular GPS. Check out the link below for more details on AGPS
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    ... but if the Treo has A-GPS as defined on Wikipedia, then the Treo has the satellite receivers and CAN in principle determine its position without access to any cell towers. It might be not be as fast or accurate as A-GPS or an external GPS receiver, but it has the hardware. So (again, if Wikipedia's definition applies to the Treo), to answer bassangler's question it IS possible for a stand-alone Treo to acquire a position fix, even when it's out of cell tower range. But Palm isn't likely to make the information available to users or developers - can someone like shadowmite or mmastrac crack the code and access the satellite data?
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    thanks for the info and quick replies

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