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    Ok... this has driven me crazy and I could not find a post about it, so I thought I would share for anyone else who is having the same problem...

    I have been experiencing resets over the last several weeks. The only thing these resets seem to have in common was that they happen right after hitting the power botton. It drove me to do a hard reset and start from scratch. #*377 (on a GSM treo) just revealed the crash occured on whatever application was running at the time.

    Here's what I found:
    If you set your Blazer cache to empty after exit and use the web extensively (downloading web pages that add up to be greater than the cache size, I believe). When you exit Blazer and turn off the Treo, it will reset. Once I eliminate the check box to empty the cache the problem ceased.
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    Thanks for the tip.

    I use the web rather infrequently but, whenever I do, I've been getting consistent resets when I start Blazer. I just unchecked the box you suggest and I'll let you know how it turns out.
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    my blazer always crashes the device. i always need to start blazer after the reset, then after the second try, it seems to work ok. again, if i exit blazer and after a while try to use it agai, the same happens. telling by the pattern, blazer only functions after a reset. enabling or disabling the cache never helped.
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    The only time I've ever seen Blazer crash is when it tries to load a page with lots of graphics. I turned off load images. Since then it's crashed once, maybe twice, in the last 18 months.

    I do have clear cache on exit turned on. I doubt this is your problem. You might want to see what other programs you have running.
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    I've got that setting checked and Blazer almost never crashes my Treo. Could be a factor for yours though. It seems each 650 has it's own unique personality. I had a reset issue a couple months back that was caused by a corrupt preferences file for Docs 2 Go. Once I deleted that the problems went away. Go figure!
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    My Treo started resetting alot when I loaded last year's rom upgrade, 1.20-ena. I have since found that Blazer is indeed the cause of my resets. Leaving the cache in place vs. deleting it on exit helped a bit, but having Opera in rom and no Blazer at all seems to have fixed the problem. It's been a week without a reset! That's pretty great in my book.
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    How much free RAM do you have? Just wondering if that is a factor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonylmiller View Post
    How much free RAM do you have? Just wondering if that is a factor.
    I agree.

    Also, I'm guessing you will have less of it now, because Blazer is no longer releasing its cache storage as it does when you leave that box checked!

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    I found this out for MY phone early on.

    I'd exit blazer and soon after it would reset... HARD reset on me on occassion.

    THO i will tend to believe my resets are caused by zl and all other background apps i run...
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    ZLauncher has never caused a crash here.

    I hate misinformation..

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