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    I curious if there is software that allows the Treo 650 to view websites like youtube or to even DL and save files.

    I have tcpmp which allows me to watch videos, but only the ones that I put on my card.

    With all the new phones comming out with the option to hit youtube/myspace/etc, there has to be software that allows this option for us.
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    look at the their new player the ex4 was just released last week. You can stream youtube and goodle videos and stream audio etc.. I have it and like it so far. It does need improvement though. Check out the palm media forum for info on it.
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    Thank you. This may be what im looking for, if it will stream and everything.
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    It is very slow on the Sprint 650. As about as viewable as MobiTV is - many buffering moments to wait through.
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