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    I have checked the setting "Prefer Download to Streaming".

    However, I have never had Kinoma save any of the streaming videos (Youtuve, Google Video). Why?

    For example try this Ali G clip (from Youtube Mobile)

    Does it only stream?

    Can you post a link that will save to the SD card so that I can verify that my installation is working correctly?
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    Youtube only streams. If you download a video through Google, you will have a little card icon next to the back arrow. check that and you will be able to save it to your device. That's how it is.

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    Actually, today I discovered it's possible to save Youtube videos!

    The download link doesn't doesn't seem to work on the site from the handheld, but it does on a computer. Just rename the downloaded file whatever you want .flv (I got files named "get_video"). Transfer them to your card (from your computer) and Kinoma will play them (at least the ones I tried worked).

    This is way better than trying to stream longer videos.
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    A free player for Flash video for the PC is
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    also if any of you use firefox, grab the greasemonkey & youget extensions... it will make youtube pages look like this

    and you can simply click the download button under the video to save the vids, they also have extensions for google vids etc.. also vlc is a good flv player for your pc
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