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    I just ended the 6-month trial period of Telenav software on my Sprint 650 (and have a Bluetooth GPS to show for it). Telenav is pretty good, but I prefer to get an application which doesn't require a data connection, and more importantly doesn't require a $10 monthly fee. I have a 4GB SD card (with the FAT32 hack installed in my ROM).

    So I'm looking at Mapopolis and TomTom. Mapopolis seems to require that its 3MB voice synthesis file reside in RAM (not on the SD card), if you want it to "speak" street names.

    What are the RAM requirements of TomTom?

    I gather that
    (a) TomTom is more expensive, but probably better
    (b) Mapopolis's multiple-maps looks like a substantive hassle
    (c) There seem to be some issues both with buying and using TomTom 6; I don't believe that I can just purchase the software at this time, and would have to buy TomTom 5 instead.

    No one seems to talk about other products such as EMTAC Navigator ... I guess that it's not well-regarded, but am not certain.

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
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    You should also check out the Garmin GPS 10 Deluxe or its successor, the Garmin Mobile 10, which is supposed to come out this month. Either one is similar in concept to the TomTom Navigator 6. There are several threads on this site discussing the pros and cons of each.

    What I like about the Garmin is that its features work almost exactly as the manual says they should, the various sub-applications (map, find, routing, etc.) are well integrated, they are all very stable and they all play well with other background tasks such as the phone app or PocketTunes. A feature I just noticed today is that when you ask it for (for example) a list of the nearest Jack-in-the-Box restaurants, as you drive the list keeps updating the distance and direction to each one. The little arrows even change direction if you make a turn!

    On the other hand the Garmin's interface isn't as nice as TomTom's, though this supposedly will be rectified with the Mobile XT software that will supposedly come with the Mobile 10.

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