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    Before I sign up for this service, does it work with the 650? Specifically, the Sprint TV service? I've read that MobiTV works on the 650 with web accesss. So, if Power Vision doesn't work, and want to use MobiTv, do I just get a basic web package? Sorry, new to the Treo thing. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    You will get regular Vision with a 650 which equates to lower data speeds. I don't know what the Sprint Vison package contains but when I had a 650 it was unlimited web browsing. Sprint TV was extra. I tried MobiTV on my 650 and it was more of a novelty mainly due to the slower network speeds.
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    The Power Vision plan forthe 650 is different than the Power Vision plan on the 700. I no it does not make sense but it is. I have Power Vision for my 650 which is $15 a month for unlimmited data and text messages. If you throw in MobiTV thats an extra $10 for a total of $25 above your base cost.

    Now PowerVision on the 700 is a whole other matter . You have yo buy the unlimmited data plan at $40 and then pay $15 for unlimmitedtext messages.
    Thats $55 for what on the 650 cost $15. If you add MobiTV just ad $10

    An extra $40 amonth adds up quick.
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    Correction: Power Vision will only work for EVDO phones like the 700. 650 can only use regular Vision. Power vision can cost between $15-$25 depending on the package you chose. Unless that's been changed but I have never seen a $40 Power Vision. With unlimited text, it is $15. There are also other packages for texts. Maybe a visit to might help clarify things.

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