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    Random question (I'm sure it's been answered before, but couldn't come up with the correct terminology in the search box), When I delete an account on the admin site, does that action delete all of the contacts/e-mails/appts, etc on the Goodlink device as well?

    Or does it just prevent syncing of new contacts/e-mails/appts, etc?

    If the latter, how do I wipe out all out the Goodlink data on a lost device?

    Many thanks!

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    The remote wipe basically does a hard reset on the device, so all the information is removed from the device. If you simply remove the user, the information is still on the device. Do a remote wipe then remove the user to do a clean removal.
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    So by deleting the account before doing the remote wipe, am I SOL?

    Thanks again!


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    Pretty sure it is since you removed the link between the email account and device when the account was deleted. Even if you added the account back, the Treo would have to be reprovisioned to establish a connection.

    In fact I know this is correct as we had a customer with a Treo that moved to a Windows Mobile device. We deleted his account and set up a new one to avoid sync issues between platforms. All the mail on the Treo remained. He wound up going back to the Treo and we Hard Reset the Treo to get all of the old Good software off and then reprovisioned that device.

    Just something to remember for next time...

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