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    I recently started using a Treo 700p on Sprint EVDO. I was wondering how many (if any) of you were successful using VoYP/TakePhONE to make callls. Does Sprint and/or Verion block port 5060? If so, do you know of any methods to get around this? What about using bluetooth to my PC for a network connection if the EVDO interface is not feasible?
    I'd like to be able to call an "800" number to a conference call. I can use Skype but that means breaking open the laptop in the mornings at home. I like how I can dial "extra digits" with TakePhONE to enter the passcode for the conference.
    A last question (in case anyone knows) is whether a bluetooth headset will work with VoYP/TakePhONE?

    thanks, -- Bob

    EDIT #1: PS: I think I can dial an 800 number thru but when I configured "" and port 5060 VoYP registers fine but does not seem to connect the call. (This is why I am wondering if Sprint is blocking the port.)
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    I'm both super! ... and a doer!
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    Sorry, can't help with that, but you may want to find your own bugs before looking for others.

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