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    as mac users, do most of you use the the palm OS vs. the windows version? i know you can use either and be a mac user but which one makes the most sense?
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    I use the P but I'm still on a T600, I also use markspace for syncing, you might want to try thier forums for additional info, I'm also considering switching over to WM
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    I use palm OS because I prefer the "non-windows" systems. I have an IMAC with a dual core and use the paralells program to run windows programs to facilitate dealing with network issues here in the office and to open window based documents such as word perfect, etc. I use the windows side as little as possible. I just find that I like working with the mac system so much better.
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    P, definitely. use it as a modem with my macbook pro 17 inch. don't think that's possible with the w. :-D
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    The 700w has had a lot of problems it seems, mainly the memory is too small. I tried one and did not like at all. Then Again I am very anti Microsoft. But the 700wx seems like people are loving that with the extra memory.

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