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    .......Hopefully it will be before my 30 day trial.
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    I took the plunge and pre-ordered on Amazon. I'm not in a hurry to get it, but if you are, this is not the route for you. It says that it won't ship until between 12/18/06 and 1/2/07. My 650 is functional (sort of- broken headphone jack with volumecare fix) so I can wait a little longer. This may provide a clue regarding when It will actually arrive (unlocked anyway). If anyone remembers, the rumors for the 650 started in Oct/Nov a few years ago too. If I'm remembering correctly, it came out about the last week of January.
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    i pre-ordered too, but i titally expect it to be canceled by amazon.

    if only because they didnt have a color choice. i will be okay with gray.
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