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    So....with the upcoming release of the 680...I want to make my 650 a little more aesthetically pleasing. Let's face it....I love my Treo but it is about as attractive as a silver brick...especially the lovely chrome area around screen!

    So....I ordered some items from SkinIt...they seem very nice and cover up the area around the screen well. Don't cover the back very well....and the part for the keyboard fits well....but was a little difficult to put on!

    I saw some Vskins on e-bay and wonder if anyone has used these? I have a question in to the seller but it looks like they cover more of the back of the Treo.

    So...since a shiny red 680 isn't in the deal for me....what does anyone think of these options? I have been carrying my Treo in a case (vaja, sena, crystal....) for many years....tied of the bulk....and hate the feel of the silicone cases!

    Let me know what you think please!
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    I have read that the sticker/decals for the 650 pull the silver paint off when you remove them. Have you considered a crystal case? They add very little bulk to the Treo. If you really wanted a color, I suppose you could paint the inside of the crystal case. This should keep the paint from chipping since it would be protected. I believe there are also colored crystal cases for the 650 avail on eBay.

    Another option is painting your case and there is a thread here somewhere on it.
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    Yes, I ordered them in the past and yes, it did pull some of the silver off. Also, getting them on around the keyboard is hell...
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