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    i just bought a 700w but i am thinking that i should have bought a 700p since i use a mac. i know i can get software so i can sync with a mac but maybe i should just exchange it for a 700p. any suggestions?
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    I bought the 700p when they first came out and decided to at least try the 700wx on sprint........I returned it within a week. The P is so much more user friendly in my oppinion and "cleaner" (straight forwarded) There are very few benefits to windows based treos and those in my opinon arnt that great. Such as multi-tasking. I really see that as a benefit that i would use. Also being able to use a sd wifi card, but with evdo, i think this again is not much of a benefit. These are just my thoughts.

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    Be thankful you have the choice!
    Here in Australia we only have the 650. No 700 series is available as the telco's are dismantling the CDMA network.
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