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    I've searched, and see that Opera uses Java, and more RAM. Is that such a big deal if I have 40 RAM free already with most all the apps I need (also a 2GB card)? Datebook 6 is about the only other app I may want, and it wouldnt use much Ram. I dont play games, and any google maps I store can go on the card I assume.

    I just want the fastest browsing I can get. I figure that's the Mini. I see a 3.o beta is out, but not much feedback on the forum. People really seem to love or hate opera.

    Xiino seems too unreliable from what you guys write. I tried Webxcope with blazer and cant seem to get it certainly isnt faster that I can see, maybe I dont have it set up right.

    I use opera on my desktop and love it. I read on the Opera site and it seems the mobile would be a stronger product, but the mini is the one for phones (including pda/phones like the 700p), right?

    I've read about the new beta testing browser ("universe" or something), but even the developer says its not faster than blazer.

    If I try it and dont like it I can completely uninstall it, right?

    I dont know enough about the issues to know why Java is such a bad thing if it speeds the browsing up (which would be a major desire for me given the things I use the treo for).

    I've read to download it to the phone and not hot sync it in.

    Does it come with Java in it? I read here that you need java for gmail it the "same java"? I read here that I can download Java from Palm.

    I'd like to try anything that would better my net surfing, and I just dont see yet what I'm going to use all the extra built in RAM for yet...arent pics, videos, and ebooks stored on the card. since they dont need the immediate access speed?

    I just want a faster browser, thats all.

    By the way, does no one use the opera mobile, or is the mini the way to go?
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    The only way to really appreciate things is to try them out.

    Surfing may be important to you and you value speeds which may be just marginal over blazer, but others will not value them, hence you hear bad reviews.

    I would say give Opera Mini a shot. It is by far the FASTEST mobile browser i have ever tested next to wifi on a PDA.

    You can install java from palm. It is the same Java software that you will have to install a few files. Dont worry about your ram, you have plenty to spare. It's a good trade-off IMO.

    I use the web quite a bit and if i want reliablitiy I choose everything else but Opera. If I want speed I do it the other way around. That is because Opera tends to freeze up the treo if you accidently click more than necessary. You would have to do the usual reset.

    You have to download opera from their site but you still have to sync the java files.

    hope this helps in making your decision.
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    Opera Mobile is not available for Palm OS, so set your sites on Opera Mini.

    as Camel said, just try it out. I love it.
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    Ok this sounds simple, but I went to the palm website and I assume I download J2ME. Since I have a 700p do I have to pay? Its not listed as free for the 700, but is for the 600 and 650 (both of which I've progressed through but not with Java)...I'd think it would be free for the 700 too.

    Then what? does Java show on my Treo menu (home)?

    I read somewhere not to download Opera Mini through the desktop, but directly over the treo online (less freezes). Does this all sync itself intuitively with Java, or do I have to know something to keep the setup right? I'm bad luck (and possibly a little treo illiterate) when it comes to software setup.
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    All right. Installed Java and miniopera. Seems to work fine, but it asked if I would let it use air time, or it wouldnt work. I said yes (after trying NO). This doesnt use my minutes, does it, just my sprint data plan...right?
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    I use opera mini on my 700p all the time. Yes the J2ME is the file you need and it is free. Download the J2ME file and install it. Then dowload the Opera Mini file and install with Java. My install started automatically via OTA.

    You have a IBM Icon on you app screen for Java. It can also be found in the preferences folder. Take a sec to read the instructions from Opera Mini's FAQ. It was truely helpful to me.

    Good Luck.
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