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    I have had the Seidio holster for my treo 650 for over a year and the swivel has broken. Reading the reviews on the holster many have had poor experiences.
    In your opinion, which is the best holster for the 650 and why?
    It is time for me to buy a new one....
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    The only Side holster/pouch worth a damn has been the Krusell horizontic plus s-wide. It has actual belt loops and a plastic belt clip. The one i have has snaps on the belt loops so you dont have to undo your belt to take the holster off.

    I have found that all the ones with an integrated belt clip fall off all the time and the ones with the plastic belt clip that swivels are a joke and break.

    I have tried many...Belt loops are the key!

    I am considering the Seidio Rubberized case and don't know if it will fit inside my Krusell.
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    I like the speck line of rubberized holsters. I have 2 for my 700P. I love the look and feel.

    I bought one for the 650 by accident and gave it to a co-worker, he loves it as well.

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