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    My RAM has been mysteriously shrinking lately, and when I went to see what was going on, I noticed several images (.jpg) that were suddenly on my device that I hadn't put there, at least on purpose. I just realized that these same .jpg's are the ones in my "my pictures" folder.

    Is this media conduit what's synching this to my 700p? What else does this media conduit sync? Thanks.

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    Media. Photos, videos, etc.
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    Right. But where from (which directory)? And where to? I turned this conduit off, and today, all of a sudden, all these images (again) are on my Treo. Boom. 8 MB gone. Might something else be doing this?

    I wouldn't mind the conduit if it backed up media FROM my Treo TO my HD. That's useful. But I sure as hell don't want random stuff on my laptop being copied over to my Treo w/o my having prompted such action.
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    that thing annoys me. I deleted a bunch of pics off my Treo and it just put them all back on.
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