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    There are some of my HotSync settings that I modify from the default, but they don't "stay" after I set them. For example, I don't want to sync my "Media" files, so I set it to "Do Nothing". That works for 1 HotSync. When I'm ready to do the next sync, the setting has reverted back to "Syncronize the Files". What gives??

    Here's how I change settings...
    1. Open "Custom" from the HotSync context menu.
    2. Double-click on "Media" to open the Settings form.
    3. Click on the "Do Nothing" radio button and "Ok".
    4. Click on "Done" and close the "Custom Settings" form.
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    During step #3, check the "set default" box.
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    I always assumed that setting was a "universal" one and not specific to a particular conduit. Thanks very much.

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