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    I have a mac. I am thinking of buying a PC and Kinoma for orb. But, i would hate to invest the money if I end up not liking it.

    My other alt is Slingbox, but they don't have a POS client. SO........ I was wondering if someone wouldn't mind letting me check out orb from my treo.
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    I guess that's a no......
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    I'm in the same boat as you. I'm gonna hold out for slingbox. They've already announced the Mac version, so hopefully the Palm isn't too far behind. Not worth it for me to switch to a Windows machine, I love the the Mac.
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    becareful if either of you have cingular.
    apparently cingular is blocking all RTSP streaming. which is what orb uses.
    this info came from a rep at kinoma. havent verified it myself.

    i havent bought the new kinoma yet but i will. *as soon as i find my old kinoma info to upgrade. havent used kinoma in at least 2 years.*

    it will still be worth it to me just to have portable youtube/google video.
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    I just bought kinoma. I am on tmobile using tzones. No worries yet. Kinoma it is great. I love putting the url of a video in a watching it.

    I was hopping someone would like to share orb. But, I've got no takers. hopefully sling comes out soon for POS.
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    i would share, but i have nothing but useless stuff,on mine, you know family guy episodes and beyong rated R movies if you know what i mean, for some reason my tv-tuner doesnt work with my orb, its pretty old. well pm me if you like

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