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    Hi Agendus expert.

    I am using Agendus 11.0 and today I notice, in “1 Day view”+”Today view” (first option), birthday information of a friend listed in 3 slots, I,e;
    - Memo
    - Task
    - Call

    As far as I understand, previously it only displayed once, on top of Memo slot.
    Can somebody inform me where the setting (to view and hide) is located, so it can be shown once like before? Tried to navigate here and there, but no luck yet.

    Thanks for your attention.

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    I believe your situation is due to you having that person as a contact link in all three PIMs. Do you sync with Outlook? Outlook's handling of BDs integrated into Agendus for Palm is messy. Drives me crazy too. One solution at the present, though not ideal, is to remove the BD from the contact and create a "New Annual Event" where you can not set an alarm (if you don't want one) and choose your icon (whereas in contacts you don't have a choice - you get the cake!). Only downside is you don't have the BD and contact together. I'll bring this up to our developers as it's been a pain to me too!
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    Hi again Wellsjs;
    Thanks for your response. First, I don't synchronize with outlook. And second, the case occured even when today I simulate to create a new contact in Agendus which also today his birthday.
    Other thought?
    Rgds, Viator
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    Something seems afoul with your data, possibly installation of Agendus. I don't have a contact with BD today, but I picked one and assigned it to today. The BD-contact shows up in the Today View Calendar slot (which it should) and that is all. My first suggestion would be to uninstall and reinstall Agendus and see if the problem goes away. If not, try running dbScan, which if you "google" you'll likely find. If not, PM me with an email address and I'll send it to you.
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    Great, thanks for your suggestion.
    My email already been sent via PM. Regards, Viator
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    dbScan sent to you via your email address. Hope it helps!
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