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    I've been using an m505 for a long time. Just bought a Treo 700p (Sprint). Loaded the software and did the first sync...not good. It won't sync with Outlook Contacts (Outlook XP sometimes called 2002). Everything else is fine. (I've found a lot of people having issues with Outlook Calendar. Go figure.) Well, when I try to sync with my m505 now, it won't sync the Contacts either! It's never had problems. I am thinking it's the Hotsync software that came with the Treo.

    So I'm going to uninstall what came with the phone and reinstall what came with the m505. Then just connect the phone and try again. I'll post here what happens. But if someone has a better solution, let me know.
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    Here is what I did...

    Uninstalled all the Palm software on my laptop. Did a hard reset on my Treo. I then reinstalled just the Palm desktop that I downloaded once before. I was able to get my m505 to talk to that. I couldn't configure it to talk to Outlook since I had the Palm desktop installed and the installation proceedures never asked me. Fine. Then I installed the software CD that came with the Treo and followed the instructions properly. It worked! It synced with Outlook just fine. No problems. I even got my eKey to work! So I'm a happy camper now.

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