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    Please, I need help.

    Being ridiculously stupid i made a backup of my untouced ROM, accidentially overwrote it with a custom rom, then loaded that custom rom to my device and noticed it was screwed. No problem, i said, lets go back to the old rom.

    said and done, device not booting. I realized that i destroyed my untouched backup by looking at the change date. However, now my lovely 650 does not work any more.

    So please can anybody give me an untouched ROM for an Unlocked/GSM Treo 650? I was sure to find something here, but all the rapidshare links are not working any more :-(
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    So, do you need 1.20-ENA/FW 1.71? and you need a zip for ROM only or with firmware?
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    yes, 1.20 ENA
    the will do, i didnt change the firmware.
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    Okay, this is weird:

    First of all, i dont need the untouched ROM any more, mine works well.

    But after uploading the ROM to the device i could repeatably trigger a boot crash loop with any type of reset. Today I decided to do another zero out reset ( did that once yesterday), and now my ROM works fine. Being careful, i played through all the resets there are, but it seems to work flawlessly now.

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