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    I'm trying to unlock my Cingular Treo 650 using (couldn't use unlockcellular as they go thru paypal and I'm in Russia ). Got the the part where I'm supposed to set the phone to test mode, but it calls for the button on the hot sync cable to be pressed. I have an after-market USB cable that doesn't have a button. It syncs up with my pc without a problem, but no button. Is there another way to get into test mode without pressing the button?

    Heres the part of the instructions where I got stuck:
    6. Place Phone in 'Test Mode' this can be done as following:

    - Press and Hold Button on USB Cable
    - Using Pen Press and hold for 1 second Reset button in Back of Treo
    - Release reset button, then release Active Sync button on Cable
    - Display should be red/blue etc and detail boot loader version
    - Phone is now in Test Mode
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    You may borrow the sync cable with the hotsync button from a friend who use LifeDrive, T|X or T5.
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    On a sprint treo 650, this works

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