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    I need some help in this issue.
    My HotSync is ok but now I want HotSync an old Tungsten E to my wife. We use Windows XP multiuser. When she logs and try to HotSync there is a warning message saying some files to HotSync are missing and should download Palmdesktop 4.....
    #1 I do not know if this HotSync is using the same HotSync app that I use for me: it seems that it is but I had tried in the past installed the original Tungsten E Palmdesktop for her. Anyway it is not working.
    #2 If I try to HotSync using my windows xp log it stats to HotSync, then asked to enter a new user or confirm the name (my is listed) but if I try to enter her name it is shown as **** and I got a message to enter a "valid" name.

    So, should I download Palm Desktop and install it using her windows xp log and in another different drive from the one where I had my HotSync installed or there are compatibilities using Treo 650 & Tungsten E Palmdesktop?

    If the HotSync icon that is available to her now is the one I'm using, how can I disable to shown when she logs in her windows xp if I'm going to install another Palm Desktop version for her?

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    Any help?

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