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    I just did hard reset and than tried to sync it with my desktop, after the sync finishes the treo goes into endless reset mode on off on off on off...only thing that will stop it is another hard reset. when its syncing,status shows its syncing all the grabage i had on it before even if I do a custom setup for syncand select only contacts, memos, media, calendar

    please HELP!!!
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    Rename the backup folder to whatever you want to, just rename it. Then do a hard reset, which will give you nothing on the device. Then from the Palm Desktop create a new user (your old name will do because you renamed the previous folder), then COPY (never move) the PIM databases (calander, address, et cetera) from the renamed backup folder to the new one, then set the conduits to "desktop overwrite device" and do an intial restore or sync. That gets the basic information to the device.

    Next, install the applications one at a time and see what works and does not work. Make sure you are installing the latest released, and so forth.

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    The PIM databases are not stored in the backup folder. They have a .dat extension on the PC and their own folders.

    So, rename the Backup folder, do a hard reset (holding the red button down while resetting). On the next Hotsync, give the Treo the same name you used before. The dync will copy your PIM (calendar, tasks, contacts, memos) to the Treo, but not your applications.
    Now, install your applications one by one and use the Treo for a day or two after each install. This will let you identify the culprit software.

    Invest in a good backup program lile Resco Backup (or Resco Explorer).

    You can stop reset loops by doing a warm reset (and not lose any data). This is done by pressing UP on the cursor button while the reset occurs. This will start the Treo without loading any applications. It will allow you to uninstall any application you suspect of causing problems.
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    My error on describing the file structure - it is in the folder labeled with the user name. I need to read it closer - the only file to be renamed is the backup folder itself...what a way to begin the day. Thanks for catching the error.
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    ok problem fixed
    I did it little different
    in palm folder there is folder for the user profile, I renamed that, closed down the palm software and opened it back up profile folder was created than I just copy and paste the files that I wanted from the old profile.....worked like a charm.....I hope, lol
    thanks ya all

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