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    I am presently in the process of evaluating backup programs. I used Backup Man 1. and it worked flawlessly until I upgraded from a 600 to 700P. Their upgrade pricing structure couldn't be designed better to encourage use of their competitor's programs. A $15 upgrade. Well, I'll just go and have a look at Resco for the same $15. And how about NVbackup. I like NVbackup with the exception that it forces you into a reset even if you only want to restore 1 file. I'm leaning towards spending my $$ on a clean copy of Resco rather than a Backup Man upgrade. What has Resco's upgrade pricing policy been like?
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    I honestly don't recall paying for any upgrades and I've been using the product for two years or so. I would imagine that if they were to come out with a major release, say 2.0 that there would be a small upgrade charge.
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    I purchased Resco in March and they have made two small updates since then that I have loaded for free. I think you should at elast expect a year of upgrades.
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    let me ask a resco ? then

    i have it set to backup m-f at 11:30pm

    last backup on main screen only shows last manual backup that i did

    if i go to menu/action/scheduler log it shows it updating everynight at 11pm like it is suppose to

    if i go to menu/action/backup sets, i only see the manual backup sets

    if i select schedule i have "update" clicked, not full

    does that mean it just updates the last manual update i made?
    but i would think that the main screen should reflect that stating the last backup was last night at 11;30pm not the last manual one i did
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    Something's wrong! My guess is if you go to Menu -> Options -> Scheduler that you do not have "Allow Scheduled Backup" checked?

    Also, check "Turn off after scheduled backup" - great on the battery!

    I use Update and my log shows all three sets (limit to 3) as being "backed up" and the time it took (60-80 secs.), and date/time.
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    Resco Backup must exist in main memory in order for it to run on a schedule.

    Also, below is the correspondence I recently had with BitsNBolts, read it from the bottom though.

    Ben Clinger wrote:
    > That why, on why does your company even sell it knowing it is not capable of totally restoring a device? I purchased the product a couple of years ago and it no longer meets my needs. May I get my money back?

    Actually, it's documented in one of the help screens that the Web Browser and Java files aren't restored. We're not hiding anything, we tell anyone who asks. Our software is there to safeguard your data, not poorly designed applications that break PalmOS rules.
    We're not going to give you a refund for software you bought a "couple years ago" because it doesn't meet your needs "a couple years later"

    > Also, I will let other users know of your company's unwillingness to support restoration of Java files and to look elsewhere for a solution that does. What a shame to not care about your customer base.

    Actually, that's exactly the reason they're not restored. Several software certifications that our corporate customers require would not be possible if we implemented the hacks required to restore the Java files. The Java files are broken, they are not valid PalmOS files. They can't be beamed, copied to a device from a card or restored. The system hacks required to do so are nasty and dangerous. We won't implement them.

    > Ben
    > Bits 'n Bolts Support wrote:
    >> There are no plans to support restoration of Java files.
    >> Ben Clinger wrote:
    >>> When are you going to support the restoration of Java? Thanks. Ben
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    NV Backup is free. Do any of the other backup programs have a free version?
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