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    Is possible to get MSL code on treo 700p/w without calling the operator?
    Is the step (unlock) same with treo 650 cdma?

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    if you are on VZW its 000000,unless I missed a digit,but its all zeros
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    it's possible yes, but you'll really need a serial cable to do it. Without that, it is possible, but very difficult (read: you better be a advanced driver developer). You would have to interface with the modem and pull bits of it's nvfs until you find it. Bitpim will do that for you, but you need the serial cable...
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    just call and ask with a reason that sounds "reasonable" and you shouldn't have any problems.With my first treo I was able to get it on the first try, and with my replacement I got it in three calls.
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    Great i have serial cable for treo 650 cdma, i use it for unlock my treo and also reset msl too. Thanks shadowmite.
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    Are there any tutorials out there that describe how to make the cable and then how to retrieve the MSL?
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    Not really, I have a link at my site ( in the Methods and Procedures section) that shows how to make the serial cable. Once you have it, you really just run bitpim, view the nvm filesystem and open a file... I believe if you read the instructions for converting a 650 to verison (old and doesn't work now, but the method is there) you'll find what you want...
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    yup 100% correct shadowmite you are master
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    Has anyone successfully get the MSL with serial cable with the 700p?
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    I have sprint and whenever I need MSL for my phone I just call CS, and complaint that my phone won't send or recirve any phone call and politely ask them to walk me thru reprograming the phone.

    first thing they will have you press ## xxxxxx # that 6 digits is my friend your MSL. then you can accidentally drop the call or you can pretend to follow them but don't have to press anything on the phone.

    that usually work for me if you just look for MSL code for Sprint.
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    But for me they just tell me to use *228 to auto reprogram the phone.
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    Dear All,

    I have Palm Treo 700w and they tell me dial *228 to activate,
    but its dones't work....

    help me

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