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    Anyone Used a Logitech Freepulse Bluetooth headphone with a Treo 700p? I lost my jabra 620s. I liked it alot thought But I got angry at it when I read I was only BT1.2 and not BT2.0 like the logitech. Now that I'm in the market for a BT headphone I'm thinking of getting the logitech because Its BT2.0 but I wish I had a microphone like the jabra 620s does!

    Please tell me about Logitech Freepulse with a 700p ? are they compatible??
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    I want to hear about them too... Bueller?
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    I have the Treo 700p and the Logitech Freepulse headphones but my treo won't even detect the bluetooth signal from the headphones.
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    i have an unlocked 680 and it also can't find the Freepulse headphones.
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    Has anyone gotten this working yet? If not, is it documented that it won't work?

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