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    I need a good SD card. I going to be ordering the extended life battery, and new rubberized case from Seidio & need to know if the PQ1 2GB card is a good card. ($54.99) Any problems, good write speeds, etc.

    Thanks for the advice.
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    (a) this should go in the Accessories section
    (b) there a TON of threads/recommendations out there (do a quick search). That said, I've had good luck with my Transcend 4GB 150x...
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    buy from

    kingston 2gb $30 after rebate
    Hope the link worked, if not just search for kingston 2gb at It's listed for 38.95. You'll get free shipping too. is amazing. Hope that helps.
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    honestly I dont care about the price, I just want to make sure I get a good reliable card. anyone had any luck w/ the 2GB PQ1?
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    4gb usmodular sd card
    seidio clear skintight(keeps your card in too)
    gotta love it!!

    The only TREO VIDEO CAST on the internet!!!
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    i heard someone having trble with pqi card, would stay away from that
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    Sandisk is always a good choice. I've had a 256MB in my 600 for 2 years and now it is in my 700.

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