I have owned a Treo for the last 4 years and have either never noticed or never had a use to access the websites that I have put into the Contacts info, however, I cannot go to a website from the contact database! Can this really be? If I am jotting down info and I put down a website into Contacts, what good will it do me (besides copy & pasting) to have it there if I can immediately go to it?!

Oh, my ranting is over! I do feel this is an oversite, even if its a small one. I feel that this is going to be a problem that I will have to overcome, as I network with people who give me websites (fellow graphic designers, print companies, etc). Is there a solution to this? Making a separate bookmark for each contact is ridiculous, and copy & pasting is almost offensive, knowing the capabilities of my smartphone! If I can dial a phone number from a website and go to a website from an SMS, I want to jump to a website from my Contact database!