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    Just got a new bmw 530 and it is a sweet ride. I am having a problem with the bluetooth though. No problem with the handshake-- but it only loads 4 phone numbers. I do not have any numbers that have commas in them (as other posts have suggested is a problem) and should be getting about 600 numbers to download. My wife has a verizon 650p and it gets the same 4 numbers as well

    so: 1) anyone have any suggestions?
    2) Verizon has bailed on this; does BMW offer any support? if it does, do you have a phone number to call?
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    You do know that it only loads the favorites, correct? Do you have more than 4 numbers in favorites list?
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    I did not know that it only loads favorites. Now that I check my favorites list, I can see that those are the only ones that loaded.

    Thanks so much for the observation

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