Sorry for the weird member name. I tried several unusual but 'sane' ones and I kept getting a "name in use" error. I figured the forum software was broken, so keyed in gibberish. Well, just call me 'gibberish' I guess.

I bought a genuine Palm universal wireless infrared keyboard for my Treo 650 (CDMA) and find it only partly useful. The space and backspace keys have to be hit pretty hard to make them work, and even then they tend to miss the first hit. I also get a lot of 'dropped' characters when typing.

I tried new batteries, using the Treo 650 out of the case, 'bending' as much as I dared the IR wand to make it reach further over the top of the Treo, and I don't know how many different angles for the wand, all with only marginal success.

Is this normal for this keyboard, or should I try to exchange it?

Also, are the bluetooth keyboards any better? I've heard that they drain the battery on the Treo much faster than the IR units.

I am a relatively good 10 finger typist, and I need something that works decently. Size is less of an issue.

Any suggestions?