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    Can I get rid of stuff sprint puts on the treo like Get BC, Get Good, downloads, P tunes, Software?

    They all just seen to link to Sprint sales sites that I will never use. Do they take up enouch space to uninstall (if I can) or is it a non-issue?

    This thought all started with following a thread on deleting Addit (which I learned works thru On Demand) I tried deleting On Demand but still have Addit, which seems to be a program you have to buy eventually. Those who deleted on demand claimed 5MB free Ram space...I'm just not sure.

    I tried...I really did, to read all your posts carefully first.

    All I want is to get rid of non essential junk.
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    As I understand it you have 2 options:

    1. Re-write the ROM (there are tools & instructions on doing this).
    2. Use a different launcher program that allows you to hide apps from display, such as z-launcher, initiate, etc.

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    The actual applications do nothing to your main memory; so delete the data files and that is a wrap. Ben
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    Addit works with OnDemand?

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    How does one know which data files are good to delete? They are all in computereze (which I dont speak).
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    With a file browser such as FileZ, you can check the user ID of the main application, then use the FILTER command and enter the creator ID and it will then display those files that match, then you can delete them. Now, it will not delete all of them, but it will most and most ADDIT files begi with Addit_ - their creator ID for most is Bmsy, BfLn, and AdSy (the sync is AdSy). Delete those and that gets most of it. As stated above, the ROM ones cannot be deleted by normal deleting steps.

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    All those seem to use very little memory. Is it worth deleting them? They seemed easy to ID with ZLauncher.
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    You can also merely "delete" the app w/ an uninstall utility, which is set to remove the program, all related databases, and preferences. Of course, the actual program will remain, since it's in ROM, but the other stuff will disappear. I bet this will work, to, if you "delete" the app just using the built-in delete feature (or your launcher, configured as I've described) to remove all associated databases, etc.

    Is it worth it space-wise? Sure, why not? Space is space if you don't use these applications. Free up your RAM. Also, I like keeping my preferences as clean as possible to avoid software conflicts, and by nixing the stuff I don't use, I remove possible preference conflicts that might otherwise lead to resets, etc.
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    You can also use SharkROM to hide those pesky ROM app icons. There are a couple other apps out there that will do the same thing, but I've had the best luck with SharkROM.
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    Currently there are no ROM tools that work with the 700p. The RomTool will eventually be updated to support it though. I know I'm waiting with bated breath here, I can't wait to hack away at this thing. I did a custom ROM on my old 650 & it was the best thing I ever did to that phone.

    As for hiding icons, I prefer Obfuscate for ROM apps, combined with ChangeMe for 3rd-party apps. I use that to hide stuff like Keycaps, Powerup & the rest of the quiet stuff that runs in the background & doesn't need to be seen.

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