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    Seems to be a problem I am having. I have certain contacts set up to be on a picture id when they call i can see their picture. However, when someone who i do not have picture id set up for, it will show one of the other pictures from the contact i do have set up with a photo.

    Sounds confusing, but to put it this way, when someone calls my phone I see someone elses photo, and i think its them so i answer a different way, then i am surprised at who is actually on the phone.

    Any help on how to fix this issue? or anyone else have this problem?
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    HI djtrip!

    Sounds like a corruption in the contact database. Do all "non-pictured" contacts show a picture on the incoming call? Is it always the same picture or is it different ones?

    If only a few contacts seem to be cross referenced I would delete them on both the PC and the Treo and then recreate them one at a time in just one location (Treo or PC) (a hot sync will put it in the other location). Does this cure the problem for that contact?

    If it is always the same picture that is cross linked -- I would start with that contact -- delete it both places and then re-create the contact. This should break the cross link.

    If this does not work -- we will have to move on to some stronger medicine.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Whoa, I've never heard of that problem before. Are you using any user loaded software (Ringo, etc.) to track your contacts and/or affect how your contacts display when they call?
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    Thanks for the help! Seems to be only one person who calls that it will bring up any one of the pictures set up in other contacts. Not just one other contact photo. Not using any 3rd party software for any of my contacts.

    I have just deleted the contact and re-entered it....We shall see what happens when they call...

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