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    OK. I have been getting random soft resets lately on my Sprint Treo 650. Randomly, during the day, when I am not even using the Treo - it will be off and in my belt case - I will hear the reset tone. Sure enough, I pull it out and it is resetting. No data is lost except when it resets, it loses my mail account info in VersaMail. That made me think there was some kind of corrupt data file in versamail. I followed the KB instruction for deleting the versamail DB files and the problem returned. The resets are not even happening at the same time interval as my auto-sync of mail. To my knowledge, no other apps are doing anything automatically. I have not added any new software lately to the Treo, so I don't know where to start to troubleshoot this one...

    Any ideas?
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    press #*377 find out what's causing it.
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    OK. I tried that. I does nothing. What's the trick?
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    Did you press "Dial" after the #*377?
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    I found that on Sprint you have to use ##377 - Dial. not #*377. I'll try that after the next reset.
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    I found the problem app. It was KeyguardTime+. Deleted the app and no more resets.

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